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Dahua HDCVI - Hikvision

DIR.LV - is actually safety body service provider in European Union. Our company lie in cardiovascular system from Baltic States - in Riga, Latvia. Our business offers and also put up safety bodies and also monitoring bodies (Internet Protocol cams, NVR, DVR) off primary makers as like Hikvision Digital Modern technology as well as Dahua Innovation. Our company are actually licensed reseller from Hikvision and also Dahua creation, so our company offer to our clients real Hikvision as well as Dahua electronic cameras, NVR, DVR, Accessibility Command units along with the current software program model and also multi foreign language user interface. In Ten Years partnering with safety and security units our team are actually built up huge knowledge, as well as our company could оffer premium technological help.

Internet Protocol intercoms - cutting edge that makes it possible for to attach your video clip intercom to world wide web. You can easily get phone call off your intercom (using press alert on your smart device or even tablet computer) in every location where are you currently, you can easily observe video clip, speak and also unlock from another location. Dahua Innovation and also Hikvision is actually trailblazer in this particular devices, you may locate significant option from intercom manufacturing.

Internet Protocol Online video bodies

Internet Protocol video camera possesses program that makes it possible for to utilize cam with no various other tool. For instance if you need to have only to appear exactly what is actually occur at home, you must hook up internet protocol cam to the net, after that you could link to the electronic camera canal web browser http or even through unique APPLICATION for internet protocol video cameras.

Currently is actually well-known internet protocol cams along with integrated SD memory card port, that implies that you may create documents straight to the cam with no audio units as like DVR or even NVR.

Dahua Modern technology possesses p2p companies that enable make use of world wide web along with Dynamic or even Digital Internet Protocol handles, simply turn on p2p and also usage Identification number and also Username along with code to stay scenery and also distant playback link

HDCVI unit - this is actually Dahua Modern technology patented modern technology that possesses no cognates. Just HDCVI enable to transmit Video recording, Sound (Mic) as well as push-button control (as PTZ electronic camera management) in one coax cable (RG59, RG6U). You could make use of a UTP cord to broadcast an indicator utilizing Video recording baluns.

Using NVR (Internet Video recording Recorders) you can easily create documents coming from your internet protocol cam throughout the globe. This is actually really secure means, considering that your documents will certainly be actually protected at all times.

Internet Protocol video recording security - this is actually very most preferred, modern-day innovation unit. Internet Protocol video cameras possesses lots of conveniences - basic setup, one criterion for all produces ONVIF.

For More Information About Dahua, Hikvision, IP camera Hikvision DS, Turbo HD, Dahua HDCVIa

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